The “Raducanu Effect”

Yesterday the world awoke to the miracle of what the sensational Emma Raducanu had done the previous night at the US Open.

 Following her epic and miraculous win surely who am I to  ever say or think anything that has never been done or seen before is impossible!

what a demonstration of the sheer beauty and power of sport so absolute and undeniably powerful. I am a natural early riser and early to bed kinda of girl- the night Emma played was different. I couldn’t muster any sort of sleep till about 3am after watching  that match live! what with adrenaline coursing through my veins, sleep evaded me. Ideas wouldn’t relent swimming in my brain. I was like…this is the moment everything changes for this girl, but more excitedly for me too as from now on I refuse to live with limits.

The significance of what happed when this 18year old girl won- will go down as phenomenal for a long time. So courtesy of #Amazon Prime:

So, if anyone is unable to take a leaf out of the significance of what this mean my opinion, this individual is not only missing an opportunity  to appreciate the gorgeousness and awesome beauty of life and sport but they are also failing to harness the important reminder that all things are possible and there is a first time for anything. What a loss as they are also denying themselves the bravery and courage to recognise that  whatever they set their eyes to achieve, if they believe fully they too can achieve.

Henry David Theroux summed it up so beautifully saying to the effect that don’t go where the path may lead but instead go where there is no path and leave a trail! This girl surely did exactly that.

For me what a timely lesson as I am about to embark on an uncharted journey! More about that definitely in the days and months to come, but all in all, I super excited!

If indeed its never been seen before; it doesn’t mean it can never be done- full stop. So today i dare to believe again. I dare so naively throw myself again and say I am all in. I can be all I dream to be. After all Cinderella in the 1950 version movie put it so nicely by saying “our dreams are wishes our heart make” and therefore if that’s true; success and happiness in life is the attainment of those dreams cause it surely makes one’s heart sing and dance with gladness.

This morning as I woke up super convinced that I really need to start actively pursuing my writing once again and doing it as often as I really must. I remembered that I did start this blog for that reason after all. I love and continue to journal daily-on paper. Why don’t I just do it electronically-well, I don’t have a clue why not- but today I have succeeded! HOOPY YEY!

A few days ago I watched this beautiful sky movie called #Long story short. Such a poignant reminder of the passing of time and so well done and I realised that I stand guilty really of living my life as if I will live forever and this it that I will do tomorrow or later. It’s so true too that this life is really passing us so much faster while we procrastinate things we really want to experience and delaying going to places we really want to go.

So, my take away lesson today the world is desperate for a fresh take on anything and everything. if all things are possible and nothing is impossible- what am I waiting for?


So, there we go…. This is my thinking pad. I am first and foremost writing this to myself but happy that you have taken time to check it out. I do hope that as you read my thoughts put on paper in a very small or big way it helps demystify social work as a profession to you. If not that, at least shed a light on how different the world looks from my point of view. I know it’s a cliche that social workers enter the profession to give back. It’s more than a job to most, it’s a calling. Hands up- I started this blog to speak up and not go silent since I too truly entered this profession to make a difference. My difference may be minuscule in the whole scheme of things- but as long as I brighten the little corner I am perched- no matter how small the corner is… I will consider it success. Amongst other little quaky habits, note I am an intentional odd sock girl which may or may not ruffle some feathers out there- random- but just saying! I also wish in my little way to contribute to newly qualified Social Workers who may find their work daunting. If you are or know anyone who finds themselves all muddled and confused in their new adventure as a Social worker- point them this way for I intend to paint a picture that Social Work is all but rocket science. It’s all too familiar to feel overwhelmed or challenged when you begin your practice but just remember, you are not alone or the first one to feel that way. In all circumstances you must always reframe your internal dialogue and constantly remind yourself that even the most qualified and confident of social workers you know once felt inadequate once upon a time. It’s important to always remind yourself that this is the first time you may be doing something- no wonder it’s difficult or challenging or taking longer than expected. With time, it will becomes easy peasy!

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