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So, this is my first blog post ever! I have no clue how this blog is going to look but I am excited! I am here to continue with my writing life as I have always written on paper- so simply doing it  as a blog this time. I am a scatter brain when it comes to writing. When I start I can hardly stop. I have started and stopped several novels but never completed one. I seem to be so creative but lack the oomph to complete any. In my creative frustration I find myself piling and piling stuff I find interesting but watch it fizzle out in my pile of literature collection. I live in hope that one day I will complete one fine masterpiece. Of course I will. I strongly believe that even in the least of  each and every one of us there is at least one good book dying to come out. I intend to have several. 

Having said that, I am resorting to writing  first and foremost about some area I know very well- not saying I am great at it- just a curious practitioner and work in progress for sure. Therefore,  I reason I have a good chance of at least completing something- cause I am of course drip feeding my instalments in small doses. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to social work- so I believe it qualifies me to at least to have some opinion- don’t you think?

What has probably led me to pen about my practice is because there is very little out there to draw a picture of how it really feels like to practice Social Work. There are several articles, tv shows and even books that tell such a gorgeous picture of other professions such as Medicine and law. Medicine dramas are plenty and vast out there such as Greys Anatomy, Good Doctor to name a few. We of course have the  John Grisham and Harper Lees of the law world, LA Law(If you have no clue here what I am talking about, I am probably showing my age here)- but….you get the picture. 

I have taken to blogging instead of keeping a personal paper journal because I find myself more and more in front of the screen in most of my life’s bits and pieces and besides- I so wish someone would read my rumblings and get a eureka moment in some part of their life.

This blog will probably be constantly evolving as I learn more and grow, and interact with my environment — but just thought I would mark the reason why I got started in the first place

I love reading to a fault and this I intend also to make it my platform to share what’s informing my trail of thoughts, attitude of simply sinking or floating my boat at the time.

Amongst other valid reasons, I find writing cathartic. Therefore given how pressurised our lives are in this advent of fast moving everything- to me writing grounds me immensely.