Morning Glory…

I have been blessed beyond measure by my early morning walks. Recently fell in love with this beautiful hidden treasure at my door steps #clenthills. Autumn has always been my favourite time- despite the foreboding feelings that nights are starting to be colder and nights longer with very short day light time. I think the gorgeous assault and glorious arrays of colour autumn brings about- makes the cold and dark inconveniences worth it. Walking I have decided is the way I start my day to claim my sanity and prepare myself for whatever the day brings. I have tried running before- but neither my knees appreciate the side effects of the pressure nor my mild asthma makes this a pleasant experience as I end up feeling like I am suffocating which can be scary despite following my GP’s advise of taking 2puffs of Ventolin inhaler prior to my run. So, with walking…yes, this is my comfort zone. No impact on my joints and my lungs don’t even register that I am exercising and as a bonus-my exercise ring on my Apple Watch gets closed too! ( Closing my exercise ring- this has become an integral part of my day- good or bad, will write more about it in the future no doubt.)

What feels illegal but it’s not?

Dyson Engineer Sandra Lup’s when she was interviewed by Bustle gave this advice to women in STEM fields (which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields is to “Be inquisitive, step outside your comfort zone, and find good role models”

To be honest- that’s bloody brilliant advise to just about anybody- especially Social Work practitioners. Without curiosity bad, really bad things happen- Serious Case Reviews proves this. Its so funny and a running joke with Social Workers that when you do- you are doomed and when you don’t you are even double doomed. Thus, if you assess a child as being really suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm- and then act accordingly and find alternative carers for her or him- you are vilified as an unfeeling evil and awful person. Yet , its also true the same knife cuts even more blunter when you don’t. Then, something really dreadful happens. Then you now have the hard hand of the law falling hard on you- proper doomed in fact.

Therefore, practicing Social Work calls for guts. It calls for total confidence and courage to do the right thing even when it looks and feels wrong. Yesterday a friend sent me a caption “what feels illegal, but isn’t? Before I read the answer- my Social Worker brain was all over the shore thinking- removing a child from a risky situation, or even probably putting down boundaries to a child– Nope,

the simply but super true answer was “Leaving work on time”

Off for my walk.. have a brilliant day 🙂


Step out today- its a new day

Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues.

Steve Maraboli

This morning as I got up I had such a beautiful feeling that I had accomplished something. What? I suppose being up. However I know more so, the fact that I finally got this blog up and running. I can be as crazy as I want to and be as creative as I can be. Besides, its a a new day to get active again.

Its Monday and I tend to feel a little deflected on a Monday morning when I think of the week ahead- be it that difficult core group meeting or a Reviewing Child Protection Conference (RCPC)or that unfinished Parenting Assessment I definitely know the Independent chair is so keen to see by Tuesday! In fact, most of the above are actually for real this week! However I am not fretting- it doesn’t solve nothing. Besides, by Friday I will have crossed this ridiculous worrying bridge- regardless of how I will have done it. It may involve a sleepless night today as I race against time to complete the Parenting assessment or that RCPC report- all I know is- it will be done- its always done.

Its typically so for most safeguarding Social Workers to forego their weekends in order to stay on top of stuff. The volume can be punishing- what with endless Statutory Visits, Direct Work with children, sessions with parents to complete assessments. The write ups can be ridiculous that your family would complain that your face is forever glued on your works laptop. Needless to say that COVID-19 and working from home has not helped the situation as it has meant more work in terms of admin volumes. You can easily find yourself going 16hrs none-stop- no wonder most Social Workers are finding themselves burning out.

Not me, not this weekend. Regardless of how much I very much know I have on my plate at the moment- I refused to entertain my works computer. I was tempted a few times but was able to prep talk myself into giving my family some attention. In this profession where you are ever worrying about the wellbeing of the children you case manage- its very easy to then neglect your own family. It takes so much discipline, self control and being super organised to successfully separate what you do and who you are with ease. Over the years and with some experience under your belt, and above all with a supportive team and Manager- you get the balance finally semi-decent. For years I struggled- but I am getting there. The truth is to last in Social Work- you really have to manage this area well. Thus, pacing yourself and taking very good care of your wellbeing by exercising, meditating and staying super positive goes a long way to keeping you sane and productive.

So, I am off to doing exactly that – these days I brisk walk for about an hour first thing before another excitingly crazy day of playing catch up begins.

Bear With Me or Bare With Me–Which Is Right? | Grammarly

First of many…

So, this is my first blog post ever! I have no clue how this blog is going to look but I am excited! I am here to continue with my writing life as I have always written on paper- so simply doing it  as a blog this time. I am a scatter brain when it comes to writing. When I start I can hardly stop. I have started and stopped several novels but never completed one. I seem to be so creative but lack the oomph to complete any. In my creative frustration I find myself piling and piling stuff I find interesting but watch it fizzle out in my pile of literature collection. I live in hope that one day I will complete one fine masterpiece. Of course I will. I strongly believe that even in the least of  each and every one of us there is at least one good book dying to come out. I intend to have several. 

Having said that, I am resorting to writing  first and foremost about some area I know very well- not saying I am great at it- just a curious practitioner and work in progress for sure. Therefore,  I reason I have a good chance of at least completing something- cause I am of course drip feeding my instalments in small doses. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to social work- so I believe it qualifies me to at least to have some opinion- don’t you think?

What has probably led me to pen about my practice is because there is very little out there to draw a picture of how it really feels like to practice Social Work. There are several articles, tv shows and even books that tell such a gorgeous picture of other professions such as Medicine and law. Medicine dramas are plenty and vast out there such as Greys Anatomy, Good Doctor to name a few. We of course have the  John Grisham and Harper Lees of the law world, LA Law(If you have no clue here what I am talking about, I am probably showing my age here)- but….you get the picture. 

I have taken to blogging instead of keeping a personal paper journal because I find myself more and more in front of the screen in most of my life’s bits and pieces and besides- I so wish someone would read my rumblings and get a eureka moment in some part of their life.

This blog will probably be constantly evolving as I learn more and grow, and interact with my environment — but just thought I would mark the reason why I got started in the first place

I love reading to a fault and this I intend also to make it my platform to share what’s informing my trail of thoughts, attitude of simply sinking or floating my boat at the time.

Amongst other valid reasons, I find writing cathartic. Therefore given how pressurised our lives are in this advent of fast moving everything- to me writing grounds me immensely.